Links to other Dorfprozelten posts Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Dorfprozelten posts from my Family History Across The Seas blog. Among these posts are some more general ones from my Beyond the Internet series which refer to the Dorfprozelten emigrants.

Writing Family History – Roadblock in Dorfprozelten

How I solved a writing roadblock to convey the essence of life in Dorfprozelten and how an ancestor may have left his home town by using an imaginary tour.

The Kunkel family leaves Ipswich

The discovery of one reason why the Kunkels left Ipswich.

German Migration News: from Dorfprozelten to Australia

Stories in the Q150 book from Queensland Family History Society.

Coincidental Congress Discoveries

How I came to learn of the Dorfprozelten emigrants under the Vinedresser scheme.

Adding Translation Options (to a blog)

A collage of genie journeys

Travels back to my roots.

The joys of local histories

The usefulness of local histories and in particular the Dorfprozelten local history.

Nations Online – One World – a searchable gazetteer

Christmas traditions of Bavaria in Queensland

German (and other) search tips

Beyond the Internet – Long Voyage of Immigration

Week 40 of my Beyond the Internet series focused on immigration for our ancestors.

Beyond the Internet – Migration Records

Week 41 of my series, focusing on migration records for family research.

Beyond the Internet – Naturalisation

Week 42 of my Beyond the Internet series focused on the ramifications of naturalisation.

Beyond the Internet – Week 24 – Court Documents

Equity cases and their contribution to Kunkel, Diflo & Dorfprozelten research

Beyond the Internet – Hospital Records

This post gives examples which mention Dorfprozelten people.

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