Burwood and District Family History Group‘s magazine, Ances-Tree includes invaluable articles by Jenny Paterson on the background of the Vinedresser Immigration Scheme to the colony of NSW, which then also included Moreton Bay (Queensland). I strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in the vinedresser immigrants seek out these publications at their nearest reference or family history library. (click on the link to see all their articles.)

Darling Downs Biographical Register to 1900 (Vols 1 and 2), Toowoomba and Darling Downs Family History Society, Toowoomba, 2006. These books include some submissions by Dorfprozelten descendants.

Dorfprozelten am Main Teil II. Veh, G, Benedict Press, 2002 (this is my “bible” for historical research on Dorfprozelten around the time the emigrants came to Australia).

Dorfprozelten am Main: Ein Dorf im Wandel seiner 1000Jährigen Geschichte. Veh, G, Benedict Press 1995.

Dorfprozelten Schüler, Schulmeister, Schulhaüser 1600-1998. Veh, G, Benedict Press 1998.

Emigrants from Hamburg 1850-1879, Queensland Family History Society CD. Individual listings by ship are also available in hard copy from QFHS

Grassroots Queenslanders: The Kunkel family. Cass P, self-published, Brisbane, 2003. Winner of the Alexander Henderson Award 2004 from AIGS and joint winner of the QFHS prize for family history 2004.

Out Backyard, Drayton and Toowoomba cemetery. Toowoomba and Darling Downs Family History Society, Toowoomba, 2009. (This includes submissions by P Cass regarding Catherine Brannigan, widow of Franz Ignaz Zöller, and Julia Kunkel, wife of George Michael Kunkel)

Queensland Founding Families, Queensland Family History Society CD. This is available in both CD and book. It includes a large number of stories submitted by P Cass on the Dorfprozelten Germans in Queensland pre-Separation in 1859.

They weren’t all Lutherans – A case study of a small group of German Catholics who emigrated to Australia from Dorfprozelten, Bavaria. Cass, P. Published in the Proceedings of the 11th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldry, Darwin, 2006.

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