Why Dorfprozelten?

Dorfprozelten am Main is the official title of this village and it has a history that is more than 1000 years old.

Why did I come to research the emigrants from Dorfprozelten?

Well in the process of chasing up the background for my own ancestor, George Mathias Kunkel, I had hopes that by learning more about his fellow emigrants from Dorfprozelten I might just learn more about him. This isn’t quite what happened but along the way these emigrants evolved into one of my specific research interests. The information I’ve gathered varies in depth and breadth and certainly I have more on those who went to Queensland because I visit Brisbane more regularly and can then access the archives there. However I’ve also done a fair bit on those who went to New South Wales (NSW) and searched at the State Records of New South Wales for some of their history.

My links to Dorfprozelten: My great-great-grandfather, Georg Mathias Kunkel, was born to parents Eva Catherine Happ and Adam Kunkel. Eva Catherine’s family had lived in Dorfprozelten for centuries and ran a guesthouse called Das Goldenes Fass. Adam Kunkel came from Laufach further north in Bavaria. Adam was Catherine’s second husband as her first husband, Georg Jackob Ulrich from Stadtprozelten had died in 1829. George Kunkel was elusive in stating his birthplace and it was only after a few years that I found his birthplace listed on the original marriage register at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Ipswich. George’s name doesn’t appear on any shipping records I’ve found so far, unlike his fellow emigrants, despite over 25 years of hunting.

I’ve visited Dorfprozelten on three separate occasions, in 1989, 1992 and 2003. It is a lovely peaceful village on the banks of the River Main and over the years it’s experienced many floods as a result of its location. Dorfprozelten retains much of its historical essence even in the 21st Century. It’s possible to stand in the main street and see very much what our ancestors saw, with the addition of electricity and cars etc.

There are a number of references for researching the village and these will be included in the References tab immediately under the header image.

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