The Dorfprozelten Emigrants to Australia, by ship and by year:

REIHERSTEIG (arr Sydney 5 August 1852)

Eugen NEBAUER 30

Caroline Nebauer nee UMSCHEID (wife) 26

Maria Rosina Nebauer (daughter) 1

COMMODORE PERRY (ex Liverpool, arrived Sydney via Launceston 26 April 1855)

Andrew DIFLO (from Fechenbach) 45

Julianna Diflo nee LÖHR 28 (cousin to Eleanore LÖHR)

Maria Diflo 1 (DOV)

John HOCK (from Breitenbrunn) 35

Rosina (Clara) Hock nee GÜNZER (wife) 33

Vincenz KÄUFLEIN 33

Eva Käuflein nee SEUS 25 (wife)

(Joseph) Michael KREBS 42

Magdalena KREBS nee ZÖLLER, later Kirchgessner (wife) 46

Theresa Krebs (actually Kirchgessner) 11

Maria Krebs 9

Genofeva KIRCHGESSNER 18 (daughter of Magdalena)

Franz (Michael) ZÖLLER 49

Maria Zöller nee KREBS 48 (wife)

John Krebs 19

Oswald Krebs 11

Maria Krebs 3

Anna Maria SEUS 21 (with mother Maria and step-father)

BOOMERANG (arr Port Philip 11 May 1855)

Joseph (Mattheus) ZÖLLER 44

Anna Rosina Zöller nee NEUBECK 39

Oswald Zöller 12

Carl Zöller 8

Also the following family who I research:

Carl DIFLO 48 (from Fechenbach)

Magdalena Diflo 36

Anton Diflo 8

Maria Diflo 6

Genoveva Diflo 2


PERU (arr Sydney 23 May 1855)

(Johann) Thomas BILZ 30 (later Bils)

Maria (Justina) Bilz nee BRAND 31

John HENNIG 43 (later Henny)

(Anna) Maria Hennig nee ZÖLLER 46

Anton Hennig 17

Joseph (Anton) KÄUFLEIN 45

Agnes Käuflein nee LUX 44

(Johann) Adam Käuflein 17

(Maria) Lucia Käuflein 13

Clara/Barbara Käuflein 7 (DOV)

Domenicus KUHN 35 (believed to be brother to Georg GÜNZER)

Maria (Anna) Kuhn nee HEUSTER (DOV)

Catherina (Barbara) Kuhn 11

Gabriel Kuhn 5

Carolina Kuhn 3

Alois (Joseph) NEUBECK 33

Clara Neubeck nee SEUS 30 (sister to Clara Rosina, Salome and Gabriel)

Thomas I Neubeck 1

Carl WÖRNER 33

(Maria) Ludovica (Louisa) Wörner nee SEUS 33 (sister to Clara Rosina, Salome and Gabriel)

Franz (Ignaz) ZÖLLER 40

Catherine Zöller nee BEUTEL 35 (from Krausenbach)

Joseph Zöller 10 (nephew and step-child)

Caroline Zöller 7 (niece and step-child)

Michael Zöller 4 (son)

Maria Zöller 1 (daughter)

Elizabeth (Elise) NEBAUER (mother to Eugen) unassisted

Rosalie NEBAUER (not in news, but on Hamburg indexes)

JOHANN CAESAR (arr 9 February 1856)

George (Nikolaus) GÜNZER 35 (late Ganzer)

GRASSBROOK (arr 1 June 1861)

Franz Joseph DÜMIG 27 (later Dimmock)

Cäcelie (Cecilia) FÜLLER (married Dümig)

Eleanore LÖHR 32 and daughter Anna LÖHR (cousin to Juliana Diflo nee Löhr)

Anna Rosina UMSCHEID 29

La ROCHELLE (arr Moreton Bay 2 August 1862)

Hildegard HOCK (later married Georg GÜNZER)

Anna GÜNZER (daughter of Georg GÜNZER)

Anton GÜNZER (son of Georg GÜNZER)


Michael Joseph DIFLO

George Mathias KUNKEL (pre-1857)

Johann Anton HENNIG (possible only)

8 thoughts on “WHO WERE THEY?

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  2. Re Family Nebauer
    I have been digging into my family background for some time and have a reasonable bit gathered. I have only just been informed of this web page and have found it very interesting especially Bavarian history. Many of the names mentioned in your lists appear in our family ancestry, and others appear in letters from my Great Grandfather Eugene Nebauer back to Dorfprozelten.
    As shown in above lists Eugene and Caroline arrived in 1852 with his mother and sister arriving in 1855, they landed at Morpeth NSW and settled a few years later in the Gungal area of the Upper Hunter.
    Kevin Nebauer

    • hi Keith, Welcome! It’s great to be making contact with so many Dorfprozelten descendants in Australia. I think your family is especially fortunate to have those letters from Eugene back to Dorfprozelten. He was probably largely instrumental in encouraging others to come. Would you like to join our Dorfprozelten facebook page? It’s at https://www.facebook.com/groups/541563712595845/. It’s a closed group meaning only members can see what’s posted but all you have to do is ask to join and the door will open 🙂 Cheers Pauleen

      • hi Pauline
        My grandmother was Mary Nebauer who lived at Gungal, NSW and her grandfather was Eugene Nebauer who immigrated in 1852. My step sister Gail Wilson has completed a lot of research on our family tree and attended a reunion of the family some years ago.
        I have been to Germany twice but I am yet to get to Dorfprozelten but would be keen to no what it is near?
        David Connell

  3. I’m from the Hennys. My great-great grandmother was Sarah Mildred Henny. Regards from Perth. Wish I could get the history sorted past John Kenny (b 1810).

    • hi Greg, I have some info on the Henny family but it’s not in very coherent form. If you’re still interested could you please email me via the email on my “Contact me” page. Apologies for the long delay. Pauleen

  4. Hi!
    I’m also a descendant of Eugen Nebauer and his daughter Maria Anna Rosina. She married a Jessen (from Frankfurt) and I am descended from their daughter Ellenora.
    I’ve always been interested in researching this family tree as we never knew anything about our German roots as it seems like our family hid them quite well! My Grandfather knew Ellenora was German but never told us.
    It’s amazing to see some old photos of the Nebauers – I can see a lot of family resemblances.
    Thank you!

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