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Welcome to my blog!

My interests are family history, emigration history and travel. As part of my family history I became interested in the emigrants from Dorfprozelten, Bavaria, hence this blog. My ancestor George Kunkel was one of these emigrants to Australia. He married an Irish lady and I told their family’s story in my book called George Kunkel and Mary O’Brien. It is called Grassroots Queenslanders: the Kunkel family which was published in 2003.

My main blog is at Family History Across the Seas where I post about all my family history interests and Tropical Territory where I’ll be posting some images from the Top End during  2012.

In my research I’ve had wonderful help from Georg Veh, the local historian from Dorfprozelten in unravelling the origins of these families. All my posts on this blog are copyrighted to me and as you might imagine have taken a lot of time and effort to research. While I am happy for people to reference anything from my posts, I would appreciate that the reference lists this website and me as the author. Many thanks!

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You can contact me by commenting on any of the pages or an individual post (via the little bubbles at the top, or at the bottom) or via Google+. or to email cassmob [at] gmail [dot] com.
Thanks for coming along..I hope you enjoy this new blog.


Pauleen Cass

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Pauleen,
    my name is gail and I am a descendent of Peter Ott who married Annie Diflo Peter was the son of Jacob Ott my gg grandfather who came to Australia in 1855.

    • hi Gail, Good to hear from you. The Diflos also arrived in 1855 on board the Commodore Perry. If you want you can contact me via the email on the
      “Contact Me” page. Pauleen

  2. Hi Pauline,
    love your site – can I reference it in my own blog which I am just starting? Have found some interesting things about Josef’s family which I’m putting together slowly. Peta Sweeney (Zeller)

    • hi Peta

      By all means. I’d love to hear about updates on the Zöllers. What is your blog? You might also find various references over on my main blog, Family History across the seas http://cassmob.wordpress.com/

      I’ve been meaning to build up this blog with stories I’ve written previously about these Dorfprozelten people but somehow haven’t got to it. I have three other blogs on the go…no one to blame but myself 🙂 Cheers Pauleen

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