Please note that all posts on this blog are my own thoughts and based on years of research and as such I have copyright in the content. I am happy for people to refer to my content provided they acknowledge the source and me as the author. If it is to be included in a published book I’d appreciate an email to request this. It is my aim to always provide the same courtesy to others. I hope that some of my research experiences and reflections are useful to others.  Many thanks and happy researching.
Pauleen Cass

2 thoughts on “COPYRIGHT

  1. Hello Pauleen – I am researching my great great grandfather Andrew (Andreas) Diflo and have found some amazing information on your website. During my research I have also found information regarding Charles (Carl) Diflo. This has been somewhat difficult due to name variations, e.g., Diflo, Difflo, Diflot, Difolo, Difle.

    Although he and his family seemed have had a wretched life in Queensland, he does have the honor of being instrumental in a change to the “contempt of court” laws.

    Eventually I would like to publish a book about Andrew and his descendants and would like to reference your material (with citations). It is not my desire to retail the book, but to make it available to family members and the Queensland State Library for prosperity.

    In addition, I’m not sure what you have on Charles and would be only too happy to forward any information that I have.

    Kind regards
    Peter Hale

    • hi Peter, I am happy for you to use and reference my stories re Diflo. I also have other info if you want me to pass it on. Yes, Carl had a torrid time and I had seen the change in law (as with another of my own ancestors). If you know what happened to Carl after his release I’d be very interested to hear…his daughter was in Rockhampton but he was elusive. Cheers for now. Pauleen

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