Tips for locating German ancestral places

I read about this blog post today in the “We are Saving Stories” Daily. It sourced a blog post from Family Search regarding finding the villages of our German ancestors. While those with Dorfprozelten ancestry already know the answer to this question I thought it might be useful to repost the link here for anyone who wants to have a play, or who is still searching:

The following useful sites mentioned in the post provide additional information on Dorfprozelten when the name is entered:

Fuzzy Gazetteer

German Historical Gazetter: Within the boxes it gives an option to click on the wiki link and thence to the genealogy forum for the area. Do give it a try.

Geonames search: This will give you the village’s coordinates and also map location.

I’d like to acknowledge with thanks, that these links were brought to my attention by Saving Stories and Family Search.