Links to earlier Dorfprozelten posts

This poor blog has been languishing in the shadows of my primary blog, Family History Across The Seas. Because I focused this blog on the Dorfprozelten emigrants to Australia, I’ve ended up putting other Dorfprozelten posts on the main blog so I thought I’d best add some links here. Click on the title to go to the relevant post.

Serendipity down the Rabbit Hole

The joys, successes and frustrations of researching German family history.

Searching German Newspapers/Books

How to (try to) find family mentions in online German newspapers under Google Books.

My Greatest Genie Achievement

Publishing the family history of George and Mary Kunkel.

The Happs – Innkeepers in Dorfprozelten

Summarising the inn-keeping genealogy of the Happ family in Dorfprozelten. The approximate time frame of direct descendancy is c1740-1940s.

Dorfprozelten Emigrant Families

News of the new “From Dorfprozelten to Australia” blog.

Honouring the Australian-born Anzacs with German heritage

The story of the Dorfprozelten descendants who fought in WWI.

Finding the Fass in Dorfprozelten

Discovering more of the fortunes of the Fass Guesthouse from German newspapers online.

C19th Emigrants from Dorfprozelten in “America” Part 1

The Ulrichs, Kunkels and Happs, and trying to trace Philip Joseph Kunkel in “America”.

C19th Emigrants from Dorfprozelten in “America” Part 2

The story of Peter and Josephine Büttner nee Ulrich , Bertha Ulrich and William Kuhn, John Jacob Ulrich and Ida Rippenberger, and George Jacob Ulrich (all of Syracuse, New York) and Lothar Ulrich of Niagara Falls.

The Happ Family Emigrants – Part 1

The Happ family of inn-keepers in Dorfprozelten and the migration of some to the USA.

The Emigrating Happs – Raimund/Raymond Happ

The story of Raimund Happ in Bavaria, New York and San Francisco.

Last but not least – Julius Happ

The story of Julius Happ in Germany and later in the United States.

Lunch with Catherina Kunkel in Das Goldene Fass in Dorfprozelten

An imaginary conversation with my 3x great grandmother from Bavaria.

Zzzs through Zöller and Zurich

Includes some reference to the Zöller immigrants from Dorfprozelten.

The importance of church records and archives

How church records revealed that George Kunkel came from Dorfprozelten

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