Welcome! Wilkommen!

Welcome to my new blog about the Dorfprozelten immigrants to Australia. I know there are many emigrants from Dorfprozelten to north America as well and while the focus here is on Australia, if you have “Dorf” ancestry please do get in touch by leaving a comment etc. Perhaps you’d even like to write a story of your ancestors for the blog.

In Australia, German immigrants are traditionally associated with the Lutheran religion. This is not the case with those from Dorfprozelten where the primary religion is Roman Catholicism as it is across much of Bavaria. This is an important distinguishing characteristic among these migrants.

I started this separate blog as my Dorfprozelten page on Family History Across the Seas has been one of my most successful ones. It’s also provided links between family members which has made me pleased. It also means I get to learn more about the families <wink>. Please make sure you read the comments on that page to see if anyone has been in touch about your family.

My plan in the first instance is to upload stories I’ve written for other reasons which may not be readily available to you. If these are your families, you may find that I’ve inadvertently made a mistake as you will know the detail of your family better than I do, especially as I haven’t been able to purchase many certificates for these emigrants. If you find a mistake please leave a message in the comments.

Beneath the header images you will see a number of tabs which will tell you a bit more about me, about this blog and why I started this Dorfprozelten research. The reference tab also lists a number of very useful sources for anyone chasing ancestors from the village. Some are specific and some are more general but either way there’s much to be learned.

What are the images that will shuffle as you change from page to page? Well they are ones I took during a 2003 visit to Dorfprozelten. Some don’t translate well to the panorama format, and some aren’t a great standard, but are probably still worth looking at for those with ancestry there.

And if there’s some kind soul out there who has an urge to translate any of the stories into German, I’d be eternally grateful as my German skills are decidedly rusty and inadequate to the task.

7 thoughts on “Welcome! Wilkommen!

    • Julie, I can’t believe you commented all that time ago and I didn’t reply…my apologies. I’ve been ambivalent about where to go with this blog and have neglected it. Cheers Pauleen

  1. Pauline,
    Google translate ( http://translate.google.com.au/ ) translated this
    “And if there’s some kind soul out there who has an urge to translate any of the stories into German, I’d be eternally grateful as my German skills are decidedly rusty and inadequate to the task.”
    to this
    “Und wenn es eine Art Seele gibt, die einen Drang zu einem der Geschichten ins Deutsche übersetzen muss, würde ich ewig dankbar sein, wie meine Deutschkenntnisse ausgesprochen rostig und der Aufgabe nicht gewachsen sind.”
    While I am willing to help I think it would much simpler to use Google Translate yourself.
    John Ryan

    • John, I do apologise for not realising you had written this comment. Actually what I need to do is add a translate button to this like I do with my other blog, Family History Across the Seas. Thank you for doing the translation. Pauleen

  2. Hi My name is Joy and I have recently been to Dorfprotzellden finding about my ancestors who came to Australia in 1847 They were Johann Hock and Clara (Nee Gunzer). They had a daughter Mary who married Andrew Rosner and their daughter Clara married William Morrow who are my grandparents.. I have some info on the Gunzer family However Clara Gunzer married Johann Hock. in Breitenbrunn which is a neighbouring village, and when I tried to check their marriage record in Wurtzburg, the page for the year 1845 was missing so I was unable to get any record of Johann Hocks lineage. I believe he was a resident of Breitenbrunn. If any one knows of this family( also any record of the Hocks in Qld this info would be much appreciated.
    My Email is wehededevon @ hotmail.com

    • hi Joy, I’m very pleased to hear from you. It sounds like you’d have had a wonderful time in Bavaria. How frustrating re the missing page from Breitenbrunn, but I wonder if they married en route to the ship? I don’t know if you found your way to my main blog, Family History across the Seas -if you look down the right hand sidebar for Dorfprozelten and click, it will take you to some of the stories on there re the Dorfprozelten families. http://cassmob.wordpress.com

      I’ll be in touch further re email. Pauleen

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